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DeFunk YourSELF

 Tips To Guide You Out of the Funk You're In



"When I decided I wanted to write a book, I became stuck on how to start and where do I go from there. I sought the help of a mentor who said to me, “If there was someone sitting in front of you that wanted your help, what are ten things you would say to them?”

These ten things (plus one more) are what this book is about. I use them in my practice all the time, and have often said I should write them down. I’ve left the tips very simple as I believe simplicity is the only way to start.

Most of all, I want you to know that I believe in you, and when you’re ready, you’ll start simply and make the changes you want to see in your life.

Love and light."


Lesley provides simple tips and strategies to meet you where you're at and start you on your path to balance and peace of mind. She has captured many important pieces of information in a very readable and relatable way.

Thank you for your support!  My book is now an International Best Seller!

First of all how can you not pick up this book with an Awesome title like this, "DeFunk Yourself"? This book is a wealth of information that can set us all on the right track to healing our mind, body and souls. Lesley is an Amazing writer who has captured that which we all need to hear. This book is easy to read and helps us all reach a state of self-love. If we all loved ourselves, imagine what this world would be like.

J Wiley contributing writer to "Business, Life and the Universe" Vol. 3 of the blUTalks series. 


In her book “DeFunk YOURSELF: Tips to Guide You Out of the Funk You’re In”, therapist and mental health advocate Lesley Evans shares tips and tools to practicing self-care while caring for others. Believing in simplicity, Lesley's suggestions are easy to follow and before each chapter, she has shared inspiring and thoughtful quotes related to the topic. Thank you, Lesley, for writing this book at a time when self-care is even more important than ever!
Denise Hurd – an overwhelmed grandmother raising a grandchild

You have this one mastered and easy to read and enjoy as well.  I believe strongly that anyone who enjoys the pleasure of reading “DeFunk Yourself” will have access to important strategies to guide them to where the pleasure will be found, excellent work.

 Ken O'Donahue

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